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City of Gardiner Maine Ambulance EMT Service Denies Oxygen To Dying Man At City of Gardiner Maine Fire Station. Mans Own Mother Has To Transport Her Dying Son From The Back Seat Of Her Own Vehicle To The Ambulance By Carrying Her Son On Her Own Shoulders Because The EMT Says "It Is Not My Job To Stay Up All Night And Take Care Of Sick Kids" Hear this mothers complaint to City of Gardiner Maine Fire Chief Mark Kimball. Hear it right here.  
This Web Site Is Dedicated
To The
Man That Died
Chief Mark Kimball Of The
City Of Gardiner Maine
is not the problem

The Problem Is The System
We Report Druken Drivers To DMV
We Do Not Report Bad EMT's
To The EMS Board To have their
license removed. Do you want to help?
Then click on the link below, so we can fix
this problem.

The problem in City of Gardiner Maine is this. The bad EMT just walks away and goes to work in another town. The town is not required to report them to the licensing authority. Do you think this should be fixed? Contact your Senator  and tell them so.
Take A Look At These Photos Below
I sent email to the entire town council of the City of Gardiner Maine and the Mayor, BRian Rines on Dec 15,2005
1 response from the Mayor on Dec 20,2005
This is the email I sent to the City of Gardiner Maine.
Hello Mayor,
I am sending this e-mail to you because
I am trying to determine if you are a fair man. As you probably already know there is a web site www.GardinerMaineProblems.com
I have lived in Gardiner for 35 years and I know a lot more then what I am saying there. I
ask you to look at the site and ask yourself if its true?  If you think its true than take action  and ask Kobrock to leave office. I am asking you to be fair and honest and to do the right and ethical thing.  Best regards, Peter *  


City of Gardiner Maine  breaks law by denying plumbing permit
City of Gardiner Maine says "WE HAVE TO FIX THE MISTAKES OF THE PAST"  (IT IS ILLEGAL) Then they send the police to explain why their illegal action of denying a plumbing permit is legal and they use the law to do it..
The entire thing was recorded on video. Jeff Kobrock has gone off the wall, now he's doing it with building permits. A man has the right to fix his house that is falling down, that is the, law but don't try to explain that in the city of Gardiner Maine "they have to fix these mistakes" I think they should fix themselves a new job.    

Mayor BRian Rines Reply Below
Neighbor, the council will evaluate Mr. Kobrock in late January. You
are free to offer us any written or personal comments re. his
performance.  We will remain fair and ethical as we do that.
Moreover, at this time i do not know enough about your complaints to
comment on those.  regards.  BRian
Do you notice that he calls me neighbor? I did send him my name in the e-mail, the e-mail software takes the name and inserts it automatically, I think he erased it and put neighbor.
Did you notice The Mayor BRian Rines says, I do not have enough information?
Permission to ask a few questions, Honorable Mayor of City of Gardiner Maine, BRian Rines.
Why Are You Breaking The Law?Exactly What Law? Administration Building or Use Permit page 4-5  " Within 14 days of the filing of an application for a building or use permit the  code enforcement officer shall approve, deny or refer to the planning board for site plan review, all such applications. His decision shall be in writing on a form designed for the purpose, and communicated directly to the applicant One copy of the Code Enforcement
Officers decision shall be flied in the City Hall. In cases where a Code Enforcement Officer deems that site plan review is required, he shall also provide a copy of this decision to the planning board"  (Gardiner City Ordnance)

that law also. The covering up of illegal acts by the use of your official office of Mayor. Did you have the legal right to withhold my permits? If so then why did you enact an ordnance 58 days after the fact. Do you have an explanation for this? I would like to hear it. Your suppose to obey the law, not act under color of law. Are you the Mayor? Are you not responsible for what goes on in your own City of Gardiner BRian Rines?  
File Your Complaint Here
City of Gardiner, Maine uses Police Department
to give advise on plumbing permits.
David Foster Davis, Jr.    July 13, 1995. Gardiner:
Mr. Davis crashed his car and died as he was being chased by Gardiner police. The victim was from Randolph.

If after reading this website you feel that the city of Gardiner is doing wrong, please send letters and e-mail and phone calls to the city and whoever you think will help to put a stop to the city abuses.The wrongdoing of the city needs to be exposed so that the abuses of the city can be stopped. The city tries to hide behind a wall of silence. We need everyone's help.Please take a good look at what the city has done to a disabled man Norman Roy on 4 Beech Street in Gardiner, it is truly shameful. If you have any questions please e-mail the webmaster.Thank you I apperciate your help very much, Peter Wlodylo

"The City of Gardiner Maine is making a very Big Mistake by their abuse of Governmental Authority. How can the city command any RESPECT whatsoever when they themselves act outragious beyond all human decency? Just look at what they do, drive by my home on 173 highland avenue, Gardiner Maine and look at the hole in the ground where the foundation and the addition to the home is suppose to be according to our approved plan. See the drawing of a beautiful building and instead you will be looking at a bombed out building in Iraq, ask yourself this question, "What are they thinking? This is the same question Judge Marden asked himself in open court just before issuing a protection order against the city and Mr. Kobrock and couldn't come up with an answer except the word "STUPID" The city of Gardiner is it's own worst enemy, and that is a fact". They need to be stopped before they destroy thenselves and the Wlodylo Family and that is a also a fact.

The World Is A Dangerous Place Not Because of The People That Are Evil, But Because of The People That Don't Do Anything About It-ALBERT EINSTEIN

Special Report Jeff Kobrock Slanders Wlodylo Family In Capitol Weekly News Article by Sarah Reynolds on Nov 14, 2008 .In an attempt to shift responsibility of his own EXPOSED wrongdoing.

The City of Gardiner Maine is trying to destroy The Wlodylo Family Home PHOTOS HERE The City Lawsuit To Condemn Wlodylo Family Home Is ILLEGAL Read Section 2851 Dangerous Buildings Yourself CLICK HERE. Read 4. Proceedings in Superior Court. The Wlodylo Family Home Is NOT CONDEMNABLE, SEE THE WLODYLO CONSTRUCTION PHOTOS HERE. The City LAWSUIT against the Wlodylo Family is in DIRECT RETALIATION for Jeff Kobrock Being EXPOSED by the WLODYLO FAMILY. GO HERE to See Jeff Kobrock EXPOSED The REAL PURPOSE of the City LAWSUIT AGAINST WLODYLO FAMILY Is SLANDER AND DEFORMATION of the Wlodylo Family Itself. See 5 YEARS of ABUSES by City of Gardiner GO HERE The Problem of City Abuse Got So BAD That A SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE Had To Issue A Protection Order Against The City And Jeff Kobrock To Protect The Wlodylo Family From Abuse. That Is A FACT. See The Documents Yourself GO HERE The City of Gardiner Is SO BAD That It DENIES OXYGEN TO A DYING Man GO HERE TO SEE THAT And HEAR THE ACTUAL RECORDING of THE COMPLAINT by The VICTIMS MOTHER To Gardiner Fire Chief Mark Kimball. Victims Mother HAS to TRANSPORT HER OWN DYING SON ON HER OWN SHOULDERS From The Backseat of Her Own Car to the AMBULANCE because The EMT says "Its not my Job to stay up all night and take care of sick kids" DO YOU BELEIVE IT?

BELEIVE It. It was recorded. The Victims Name is MARK WLODYLO

First They Deny Oxygen To My Son, They Try To Destroy My Home And Family And SLANDER The Wlodylo Family Name by Filing An ILLEGAL LAWSUIT Section 2851, They BURY my Tools, They Destroy my Property, They Threaten To take Me For A SHORT RIDE in a police car, They Commit Alleged HUD FRAUD of $25,000.00, They Threaten to Kick Me Out of My Home If I complain About Their Triple Property Taxation, They Deny State Mandated Plumbing Permits, They Deny All Licenses Permits and REGISTRATIONS, They Deny Demolition Permits and Building Permits For 8 months To Demolish A Dangerous Building And they also Deny A permit to Move the BATHROOM and KITCHEN that is located in the Dangerous Building to the GOOD BUILDING so that the Dangerous Building Does Not Have To Be Used by the Occupants in FEAR For Their HEALTH AND SAFTEY. Its ALL DOCUMENTED AND RECORDED. They Say They Did Nothing Wrong. Look At 5 Years of Evidence of Abuses of Authority by The City Of Gardiner Maine and City Manager Jeff Kobrock

Jeff Kobrock, David P Cichowski and Erik Stumpfel Are the Subjects of The Wlodylo Family Lawsuit Against the City That Is Now In The Hands of the Maine Supreme Court. The Court Will Decide If The City of Gardiner Maine Is Immune From Any Wrongdoing That May Have been Committed by the City Against the Wlodylo Family.

Why Does This Website Exists?

Disabled Man Kicked Out of His Home by City of Gardiner Click Here
David P. Cichowski EXPOSED
Photos of Wlodylo Family Home Construction City Lawsuit To Condemn Wlodylo Home is ILLEGAL
Real Purpose Is To Slander Wlodylo Family Retaliation For Jeff Kobrock EXPOSED

For whenever a government becomes destructive it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. We're united, we're tired of the corruption, and we're not going to take it anymore!"CLICK HERE

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Sign Up For The Declaration of Human Rights Click Here Please Help Save The Home of The Wlodylo Family Please Call The city of Gardiner at 207-582-4460 and Tell Them to Stop persecuting The Wlodylo Family.(Thank You Very Much)

Since when is corruption justified by a local goverment?

Since when is the destruction of a mans home and his family justified?

See The Photos of The Wlodylo Family Home That The City of Gardiner and Jeff Kobrock Is trying To DESTROY CLICK HERE 16 Photos



Law suits have been filed at the Superior Court against the City of Gardiner. Developing Story
This following letter Exhibit C is the reason for the retaliation from Jeff Kobrock City of Gardiner, Maine. This 7 page letter dated February 23, 2004 is a complaint against Jeff Kobrock and Chris Paszyc wrong doing, misconduct and alleged  fraud, not only is it the letter, it's audio recordings of lying. Jeff Kobrock covers it up, the Mayor BRian Rines covers it up, the council of City of Gardiner  Maine covers it up. How can we have such a city in the state of Maine? where everything is covered up, they all got this letter and signed for it certified mail and do absolutely nothing. I have to  sue the City of Gardiner. Somebody calls the Kennebec Journal, they kill our story and print nothing, their explanation is "Its normal" well maybe if your a crook its normal, where I come from its dishonest. Now I can understand that the Mayor has his eyes on running for the senate, so is this what you do to cover up so no one knows what your really like. How can you make new laws if you continue to break the existing laws? Click the link above.
The complaint letter above is the reason for the cover up and  retaliation  by Jeff Kobrock city of Gardiner Maine manager.
BRian Rines Mayor of City of Gardiner Maine and Richard Nickless, Jean Dellert, Dennis Doiron, Philip Hart, Richard Rambo, Rebecca Colwell, Lewis Benner have received detailed information by certified mail, about Jeff Kobrock unethical, illegal practices and alleged fraud at City hall by Chris Paszyc, and the cover up of these allegations that have been recorded. They do nothing, they have no mind of their own. Why do we have a council? They just fill empty chairs. Apparently one man runs the town, no one has responded except for the Mayor and he ignores everything. This is how Gardiner does business, they only see what they want to see, they are not responsive to any complaints and don't care how the town is run, legal or illegal, right or wrong, they don't care, this has got to be the worst city in the history of Maine. If they gave me my permits to fix my house I would sell it and move. How  can the City of Gardiner not respond to all these complaints and allegations and do absolutely nothing?  I can explain it in 7 Words
"The Mayor is Running for the Senate"  
(our web site has been requested thousands of times, did you notice that nothing ever gets printed about anything here?  Try this yourself, send e-mail  about this web site to the Kennebec Journal  letters@centralmaine.com and see if they print it. Read our story about  "Kennebec Journal Kills American Eagle"   Politics are very powerful)
Jeff Kobrock retaliates against Gardiner Man for exposing,
wrong doing, misconduct, cover up and allegations of Hud fraud

BREAKING NEWS  According to Waldo Gilpatrick City of Gardiner former code officer "It is not uncommon or unheard of for Cities to break laws on a regular basis. If you don't like it he says "We will tie you up in court for years" HEAR IT HERE (audio coming soon)

Waldo Gilpatrick Breaks into Wlodylo Family Home

Why is the City of Gardiner allowed to break the law? Exactly what law? Scroll down.
Do you see these photos? Do you think this house may collapse? Do you think the person that lives here should be allowed to fix his home before it caves in or injures the homeowner and his family?  Do you think there is a health and saftey risk by delaying repairs?  Are the City of Gardiner Officals sworn to protect the health and saftey of their residents? This house needs 136 feet of foundation walls replaced and parts of this house need to be torn down, do you agree with that statment after viewing these photos? If so, then please write a letter to the city council and ask them this question. Why is the City of Gardiner allowed to break the law? Why is the City of Gardiner allowed to endanger the health and saftey of its residents? What law you may ask, this law MRSA 30-A 2607 NEGLECT OF OFFICAL DUTY   A municipal official who neglects or refuses to perform a duty of office commits a civil violation for which a fine of not more than $100 for each
offense may be adjudged, when no other penalty is provided. The fine shall
be recovered on complaint to the use of the municipality.  [1987, c. 737,
Pt. A, §2 and Pt. C, §106 (new); 1989, c. 6 (amd); c. 9, §2 (amd); c. 104,
Pt. C, §§8, 10 (amd).]
Do you know where this law came from?
This man , do you know him?

I hope this information is helpful.

Governor John Baldacci
1 State House Station
Augusta, Maine  04333-0001
Phone 207/287-3531
Fax 207/287-1034

He's the Governor

Please stop the craziness in Grdiner. Anyone with eyes can see from these photos that this property is in badly need of repair. The City officials insist on withholding repair permits without any legal authority whatsoever. The City ordnance stipulates that permit applications be processed within 14 days on forms provided for the purpose and in writing. They violate their own ordnance by refusing to comply with their own city of Gardiner law then they  endanger the safety and health of the occupants by refusing to allow repairs. Not only did the city of Gardiner Officials refuse to comply with Gardiner law and therefore violated MRSA 2607 not once but 3 times, 2 permit applications and one plumbing permit, they also enacted a new ordnance to justify their illegal action 58 days after the fact on  January 19 ,2006. In addition to this the City manager is required to perform additional duties according to MRSA 30-A §2636. Powers and duties of town manager 13. Assist residents. Shall assist, insofar as possible, residents and taxpayers in discovering their lawful remedies in cases involving complaints of unfair vendor, administrative and governmental practices;
Why is the City of Gardiner doing this?
Because of retaliation from Jeff Kobrock city manager. Complaints were filed against Jeff Kobrock city manager of Gardiner for wrong doing and allegations of HUD fraud.